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Quality First


The ‘Mission’ is the sense of purpose that describes the manner in which an organization achieves its vision. Mission of AFBL is: We will strive to be a sustainable business through:

  • > Consistent quality products
  • > Employee that is empowered & motivated
  • > Technology that is state-of-the-art
  • > Society that is benefited

Here is the brief description of the ‘Mission’ of AFBL – We Will Strive To Be A Sustainable Business- meaning ensure sustainable growth, profitability through organizational capability and innovation.

Through Consistent Quality Products- meaning by providing Fresh & Healthy food products with International Standards.

Employee That Is Empowered & Motivated- meaning to build and maintain an inspired and committed workforce.

Technology That Is State-Of-The-Art- meaning continue business with appropriate technological advantage over competitors.

And Society That Is Benefitted- meaning serving society by quality job creation, adding food & nutrition value to mass people and contributing to national economy.

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